Tas-Tech began some 20 years ago when David Dowd retired from The Princess Margaret Hospital and started making small amounts of daily-living aids in his son’s (Nigel) garage in Riccarton. While this was happening, Nigel had found himself being a full time solo father of 5 month old twins. Long story short, Nigel could see the potential in what David was doing and, with his help and the help of WINZ, grew the business to the point it out-grew the garage and moved into commercial premises.


While Tas-Tech are primarily a manufacturer and supplier of rehabilitation equipment and daily living aids, we also offer a wood-working workshop facility that offers our clients a place where they can roll up their sleeves and make their own project. Our main clients are Head Injury people, who tend to thrive in the workshop environment, benefiting greatly from the weekly structure, building their self confidence, self esteem and very importantly growing their social skills.

Currently, the factory has Nigel and four full time workers, including the twins, Olivia and Taylor (now 24 years old), with David still working part time.

Tas-Tech place our clients first and foremost, and are big on quality and service.

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