WorkshopWelcome to Tas-Tech Services Limited

We are a manufacturer and supplier of equipment and daily living aides to hospitals, rest-homes, OT’s and the general public.

We have recently opened a retail shop in Christchurch selling our daily living aids, as well as Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Electric Wheelchairs and much more! Click here to visit our shop website. 

Our Products are specially designed to assist those with injuries or disabilities to maintain the best possible quality of life while maintaining their dignity and independence.


All our products are manufactured in-house at our first-class workshop facilities here in Christchurch, New Zealand and are constructed from quality materials available for the best reliability, functionality and long service life. Many of our products can be customised or tailor made to specific needs.

To see what we can do for you to make life easier, Contact us today or feel free to download our latest catalogue (PDF format).

All our products are made to last and proudly made in New Zealand


To reduce the risk of head entrapment Tastech has made some modifications to its Bed Levers. All Bed Levers from now on will be the Flat Bed Lever (BLF) style and will be available in two lengths – the standard 800mm length, or a shorter 600mm option. The new Bed lever will have a hoop with a center bar (as pictured) and all will be supplied with a cord and cleat to secure placement. There will be a slight delay in availability as we switch to this new product design, so we appreciate your patience with this switch.